• Amazon Last Mile Facility in St. Petersburg, FL
    300 tons structural steel. 260 tons joists & girders. 1831 sq ft of metal roof deck.
  • Auto Zone in Ocala, FL
    1187 ton steel framed warehouse with tilt up concrete walls. Includes mezzanine level and conveyer system hanging from bar joists.
  • Bridge Point 1-2-3 in Davie, FL
    New warehouse buildings. Total building area of the (3) buildings 679,314 SF. Structural steel is 374.89 tons: Joist is 1,192.37 tons and 6,878 squares of deck.
  • CLF Ace Warehouse in Plant City, FL
    729,100 sq ft warehouse consisting of 1,500 tons of steel, bar joists, metal deck, and misc steel.
  • Centerstate in Lakeland, FL
    1308 ton warehouse totaling 605,412 sq ft for a national distributor.
  • County Line Corporate Park Bldgs in Hialeah, FL
    1,688,000 sq ft warehouses consisting of 4,940 tons of steel, bar joists, metal deck, and misc steel.
  • Flagler Station – Bldg 8 & 9 in Miami, FL
    1597 tons of steel for twin warehouses totaling 628,123 sq ft.
  • Key Logistics Center Bldg 100-200 in Lakeland, FL
    1,032,400 sq ft Distribution Warehouse consisting of 400 tons of structural steel framing, 1,481 tons of joists, joist girders & bridging and 1,032,400 sq ft of metal deck.
  • Southern Oaks – Bldg E1 in Plant City, FL
    742,500 sq ft warehouse consisting of 1,660 tons of steel, bar joists, metal deck, and misc steel.
  • LAVA in Palmetto, FL
    New steel/tilt warehouse. Total building area (including mezzanine) is 208,058 sq ft. Structural steel is 342.69 tons: There is 287 tons of joist and 2,172 squares of deck.
  • U.S. Storage in Miami, FL
    355 tons of steel for an intricate 6 story self-storage center with drive-thru and elevator in downtown Miami.
  • Uline Warehouse in Naples, FL
    1 million sq ft warehouse consisting of 4,000 tons of steel, bar joists, and metal deck.
  • U-Haul in Brandon, FL
    126,915 sq ft storage facility consisting of 655 tons of steel, deck, and misc. steel.

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