• Baycare Office Building in Clearwater, FL
    572 tons for the corporate headquarters of Baycare Health Group. Multistory tilt wall and composite floor.
  • Cessna Citation Maintenance Building in Orlando, FL
    1,900 tons of long span structural trusses, structural and miscellaneous steel for a 104,000 sq ft hanger.
  • Crosstown Center in Tampa, FL
    1152 tons of steel for a multistory tilt wall with steel framing as well as a pedestrian bridge to the parking garage.
  • EA Office Building in Orlando, FL
    813 ton structural steel. 5 story steel frame inside stacked tilt panels. 1435 sqs composite deck and studs. 425 sqs roof deck.
  • Family Worship in Lakeland, FL
    Large 90,000 sq ft church facility containing trusses with a clear span length of over 147 feet and suspended stadium seating.
  • The Plaza in Orlando, FL
    Multistory concrete structure with structural steel and miscellaneous steel.

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