• Advent Health Ginsburg Tower East in Orlando, FL
    4-story steel frame with composite deck tying into the existing hospital. 407 tons structural steel. 580 sqs of composite metal deck and studs.
  • Florida Hospital – Ginsberg Tower in Orlando, FL
    Multistory concrete structure with structural steel, pedestrian bridges and steel icon tower that is 182 feet tall.
  • Lakeland Regional Medical Center in Lakeland, FL
    672 tons of steel for the Carol Jenkins Barnett Pavilion for Women & Children addition, new Central Energy Plan and parking garage at the existing hospital with a new round pavilion area containing an auditorium fabricated from a large amount of rolled material.
  • Lee Memorial Health Systems in Estero, FL
    1828 tons of steel for ground up hospital and central energy plant made of steel beam frame.
  • McKinley Bridge in Tampa, FL
    420 foot long curved pedestrian bridge spanning McKinley Drive connecting the existing Moffitt Cancer Center to the new ten-story state-of-the-art cancer hospital. 425 tons of structural steel; 14,200 sq ft of metal deck.
  • Moffitt Cancer Center Hospital/CUP in Tampa, FL
    498,000 sq ft 10-story hospital & 26,000 sq ft Central Utilities Plant. 540 Tons of structural steel, 6,100 sq ft of metal deck.
  • Oak Hill in Brooksville, FL
    368 tons of steel for freestanding steel frame building with composite floors.

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